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Facilitate compliance meetings

Streamline your CCMs with ease. Our platform enables you to review, attest, and record adherence to your General Obligations seamlessly, ensuring every meeting is productive and actionable.

Manage compliance registers and ASIC reporting

Oversee key compliance data and deadlines through our intuitive dashboard. Our Complaints Register, aligned with ASIC's reporting standards, allows for straightforward CSV exports, simplifying your bi-annual ASIC submissions.

Conduct client file reviews and pre-vets

Enhance oversight with our tailored audit question set, designed for comprehensive client file reviews and pre-vets. Assign remediation tasks easily and generate detailed reports to fulfil your monitoring and supervision duties.

Facilitate Professional Year 

Eliminate uncertainty in handling PY training and completion . Our PY solution empowers individuals, supervisors, and licensees to effortlessly generate, oversee, and monitor annual plans, program status, logged hours, and certification for advisers during their professional year.

Track Representative Attestations

Simplify the complex management of Representative Attestations with our centralised hub. Issue, track, monitor, and review attestations within 3Lines, and embrace efficiency and ease in compliance management with our innovative solution.

Stay up to date with regulatory and industry changes

Never miss a beat on regulatory updates. Our platform keeps you informed on essential industry changes, providing clear guidance on implementation timelines and regulatory requirements to stay compliant.

Host your policy suite for firm-wide access

Simplify policy management with a centralised repository for a comprehensive view of all your documents. Easily upload, manage, and archive policies, ensuring timely reviews and firm-wide accessibility to critical information.

Analyse compliance trends

Gain valuable insights into compliance trends within your firm to guide training programs, identify systemic issues, and track improvements. Benchmark your performance against our global network for a comprehensive understanding of where you stand.

Manage remediation and assign tasks

Assign and track remediation and CCM action items with full traceability, ensuring accountability and progress across your firm. Our platform guarantees a seamless workflow for task management and status reporting.

Onboard advisers with ease

Simplify the appointment of representatives, manage forms and documentation, streamline authorisation approvals and experience effortless onboarding. Say goodbye to guesswork with our process-driven approach and robust record-keeping features.

Access adviser profiles

Streamline the management of authorisations, complaints and breach data, and client file review outcomes. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design make navigating adviser profiles effortless and effective.

Chat with an expert

Need to speak to a human? Access ongoing support with just a click. Whether you have a compliance question for our experts or require technical support, our platform facilitates seamless communication.

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